Currently the MU Helper we have in game is pretty basic. It does skills for you, auto attacks, heals, auto buys and sells potions and items.

It's missing a few simple things.

1. Differentiate between Attack Skills and Buff Skills
- The auxiliary setting is flawed. It doesn't use the Heal skill of Elves on party members, instead it uses it on itself.
- The buff feature needs a rework, it waits for the timer to end before it buffs again.

2. Force to stop auto attacking, simply staying in place.
- The range feature is simply broken. Even if you put the range to 1, it keeps pacing back and forth.
- If you take out all the skills, it continues to auto attack and there's no option to disable auto attacking.

3. Party buffs and heal setting
- Setting up percentages when to heal yourself or your party.
- Setting up a number of seconds before to buff again.