Forge Function & Upgrading Your Items

- Press D in in keyboard or click Forge button found above your skill bar

- On Forge menu you will see 7 tabs

1. Enchant - This function upgrades your item level from +1 to +15, Success Rate & materials needed will be displayed on window.

* Applicable Materials - Bless Gem, Soul Gem, Maya Gem

2. Enchant Option - This function will add Option Properties to your item, Option varies from Weapon, Sets & Wings

* Applicable Materials - Life Gem

3. Socket - This function will add socket options to your socket support item provided with crafting materials and gemstones

* Applicable Materials - Gemstone, Socket Items

4. Rune - This function will add Run Option Properties that will give boost option to your item, Runes can be farmed from world boss raids. Items can have 3 Rune Slots and will be opened depending on your item level

* Applicable Materials - Runes

  • +9 Opens 1st Rune Slot

  • +12 Opens 2nd Rune Slot

  • +15 Opens 3rd Rune Slot

6.Upgrade to Ancient - This feature will Upgrade Excellent Item to Ancient Item Provided with Crafting Material called " Equipment Upgrade Stone " This Stone can be farmed from World Boss Raids

Please be noted that not all items can be converted but only those supported items e.g Dragon Item = Converts to Hans Ancient Items or Black Dragon Items = Hans Black Dragon.

* Applicable Materials - Equipment Upgrade Stone

7. Mount - This feature upgrades & improves your mounts.