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Thread: Constant Frame Drops

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    Constant Frame Drops

    i9-9900k @ 5.4ghz
    2x 2080 TI SLI
    128 GB Ram @ 3666Mhz

    I keep dipping down below 60 fps even with the lag filters in game. Is there a specific nvidia driver version that I need to downgrade to or it has more to do with the game engine?

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    We are checking on more possible way to optimize our client, we can see that your resources should be more than enough & about drivers we recommend using the latest from manufacturer.

    We will post news as soon as we have more improvements on our client.


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    off your firewall

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    Pinag sasabi mo off firewall hahahahahahahhaahahhaahhahaahah

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    hahaha natawa ako dun promise XD

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